Some of the most recognized casinos in the world are owned and operated by family organizations as opposed to corporations. At, we aim to bring you information about some of the high-rolling casino families that have been instrumental in building the world of gambling. Some of these families have come into great fortune due to these acquisitions while others have parlayed their existing wealth into billion-dollar casino ventures.
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Donald Trump and Steve Wynn: Casino Bigwigs

Donald Trump and Steve Wynn are two entrepreneurs who’ve propelled their visions into realities and made a lot of money in casino ownership. These two moguls have had their fair share of excitement in business and in their personal lives, which is something that emulates the casino industry quite well. Tucked beneath the bright lights, glamor, and high-dollar industry of gambling lies a dark side that few people know about.

Donald Trump and Steve Wynn

Donald Trump and Steve Wynn

Follow as we take you through the private lives and business ventures of two famous casino owners and their journey through trials and triumph. Our website features some highlights of the private lives and personal struggles that threatened to defeat these men but didn’t. Learn more about the total net worth of both men, and understand how each one incorporates his family into multiple aspects of his businesses.

With money comes fame. With fame comes scrutiny. Both executives know this game too well.

Who Is the Trump?

Chances are you know the answer. Donald Trump is a real estate tycoon who’s made billions with smart investments and real estate typhoons.

Trump Enterprises is a conglomerate of resort destinations, real estate, and casinos. Trump is a high-profile billionaire from the United States who owns two hotel casinos in Atlantic City, N.J., the Taj Mahal and Trump Towers. The purchase of these properties helped to launch the Trump brand and have ultimately been a part of defining Donald Trump.

Trump Enterprises

Since 1980, Atlantic City has been a favorite destination for travelers. The excitement of staying in a Trump establishment has always been alluring and exciting for guests. Gamblers have flocked to Trump Towers and the Taj Mahal Casino for a chance to beat Trump at blackjack, or to simply say they’ve been there.

Wynn Enterprises

Steve Wynn built a reputation and a billion-dollar bankroll with his vision for restoring and building Las Vegas properties. He single-handedly redefined Las Vegas tourism with the 1967 remodel of the Golden Nugget that brought more high-end clients to the downtown area. The success of this first undertaking fueled his need to revamp other locations and has, over time, proven profitable for his company.

Wynn Enterprises

Since his first remodel, Wynn has created more high-class resort destinations in Las Vegas and Macau that include Wynn Las Vegas and Encore. His ability to capitalize on an idea has taken the city of Las Vegas and Wynn Enterprises to the next level in financial stability and respect.

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